Lasers / IPL

Sciton (Erbium Yag 2940 nm) Microlaser peel

This state of the art laser uses a long wavelength laser to gently remove the top most layer of the skin for resurfacing purposes. With the aid of a computer generated scanner, this allows more precise control and accurate ablation. Commonly also known as the WEEKEND LASER PEEL, the procedure eliminates fine wrinkles, acne scars, lax skin, uneven pigmentation from sun damage, open pores and devitalized skin.

On arrival, the patient gets an anaesthetic cream applied onto the face for half an hour preceding the treatment. The cosmetic treatment itself takes about 10-20 minutes to perform, following which post laser creams will be given to the patient to apply to maximize the results and aid recovery.

The patient’s face will be a little red for 2-3 days following the treatment, but most recover over a weekend. The result is a younger, fresher looking complexion and a rejuvenated appearance and results are rather impressive after one treatment.

* Before and after photos have been removed in accordance with regulations from the Singapore Ministry of Health.