Fat Removal Made Easier

Vaser LipoSelection is a targeted minimally invasive method of removing body fat that promises more refined shaping with a shorter downtime.

- This Quarterly October 2014 -

Vaser LipoSelection is ultrasound-assisted Liposuction, an advanced technique of removing unwanted fat from the body. Instead of using traditional suction and physical force to remove fat, Vaser uses patented internal ultrasound probes combined with advanced surgical techniques to achieve better contouring with less recovery time.

This minimally invasive procedure begins with an injection to the targeted area with a specially formulated solution via a technique known as tumescent anaesthesia. This solution shrinks the local blood vessels to reduce the likelihood of bruising, while numbing the area for the patient’s comfort. The fluid also expands the volume of the treated area, making the fat cells in the region easier to remove.

This done, fine probes are inserted into the skin to deliver ultrasound energy into the fatty layer. High-frequency ultrasound waves from these probes selectively “melt” the fat, sparing the nerves, blood vessels and other important structures from damage or inflammation. The fat that is broken down, or emulsified, is removed from the body through small tubes using a combustion of gently massage and suction. Although patients can choose to watch the procedure, most prefer to be lightly sedated.

Owing to the precision of the technique, only fat is targeted, leaving nerves and blood vessels intact. Consequently, patients experience less pain, bruising and swelling, and can usually return to work within one to three days. Since the procedure destroys only the fatty tissue, the results are smooththe results are smooth, shapely and predictable.

In contrast, traditional liposuction uses the physically demanding process – for the patient and the surgeon – of avulsion, in which forceful thrusting movements of the suction cannula are employed to break up the fatty deposits. This often results in trauma to the surrounding tissue. This accounts for the pain, bruising and extended recovery time that typically follows traditional liposuction. This method is also known to sometimes result in uneven skin texture.


The next evolution of Vaser LipoSelection is Vaser Hi-Definition Liposculpture (VAHDL), pioneered by Colombian plastic surgeon Alfredo Hoyos.

As this technique involves creating athletic-looking toned bodies through the sculpting of existing fat, it requires additional expertise and finesse on the part of the surgeon, as well as additional time and special equipment. This procedure involves removing the bulk of the fat, followed by superficial and deep liposculpture that reveals itself in contours such as an abdominal six-packs or more defined biceps. It requires the surgeon’s knowledge and ability to decide which fat can be retained and sculpted to maximum effect, and which should be removed. Vaser technology makes this possible.

The procedure is conducted under local or general anaesthesia, depending on the size of the area being treated.

Patients have responded enthusiastically to these approaches, mainly because of the results and the fact that their downtime is less severe and shorter compared to conventional methods.

These procedures are considered suitable for destroying stubborn fatty deposits and removing inches from certain areas, and attract a very wide range of patients, from young adults to adults over 70. Women comprise about 70% of patients, with the most common sites being the tummy; thighs, buttocks, arms, double chin and jowls. Men typically seek fat removal from the tummy and double chin, as well as to reduce the appearance of male breasts. In fact, most VAHDL patients are men seeking six-packs and greater chest definition.

In both procedures, early results are immediately visible after the procedure. Once the swelling subsides within a week or so of the procedure, the results become increasing dramatic. There are some temporary side effects, namely; mild pain, bruising and swelling, which may be treated with medication. Pressure garments are sometimes prescribed, depending on the area treated. Needless to say, a proper diet, exercise and lifestyle regime will maintain the surgical results. Risks are minimal in the hands of trained plastic surgeons.

In VAHDL cases, athletic definition created by the technique continues to be enhanced until the second month. Vaser technology has made it possible for surgeons to:

  • offer enhanced techniques for body contouring
  • provide excellent predictable outcomes
  • permit faster recovery
  • minimise trauma to surrounding tissue
  • ensure case of use and surgical control