Asians frequently suffer from prominent epicanthic folds, which are folds of the skin covering the inner corner of the eyes. Moreover, a lower nasal bridge is more likely to cause epicanthic folds, which are also known as Mongolian folds. Epicanthoplasty is the surgical cosmetic procedure to remove these unsightly folds in the eyes to achieve a more symmetrical, young and vibrant look.

With medial epicanthoplasty, simply known as inner eyelid surgery, large and distinctive eyes could be achieved by eliminating the triangle-shaped folds of the eyes. It produces forward elongation and also increases the sharpness of the eyes. In the surgical procedure, rearrangement and partial removal of tissue within the lower eyelid and inner eye is performed.

Epicanthoplasty is done under local anaesthesia and hence no pain would be felt by patients during the procedure. The procedure itself can take less than 30 minutes under the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon and it usually takes about 1 week to recover. Hence disruption to normal life is minimal. Epicanthoplasty is often performed together with double eyelid surgery.