The Magic Of Silhouette Threadlift
A revolutionary facelift technique for both men and women.
- This Quarterly July 2011 -

A traditional facelift is a surgical procedure that requires the use of general anaesthesia and hospitalisation, in addition to the downtime and risks that come along with it. During a normal face lift procedure, the skin is pulled up and a knife is used to cut away excess skin.

Instead of pulling and cutting away excess skin via surgery, the Silhouette Threadlift repositions skin and stimulates collagen production around it, giving the face a lifted effect.

The Silhouette Threadlift procedure does not require the use of a knife, nor general anaesthesia. Using special suture threads (see picture), this procedure counteracts the effects of aging by “lifting up” sagging skin on the face, forehead, and neck.

A number of threads are inserted through a small incision on the temporal (hair line) area, using an attached straight needle. Each thread goes through superficial subcutaneous tissue, and is placed in the desired location in the lower face.

The threads are then pulled backwards through the temporal area until the cones engage the fibres of the subcutaneous tissue of the face, thus allowing mobilisation and displacement of facial tissues, suspending them into a higher desired location. The sutures are then fixed in pairs to the deep temporal area.

The threads are revolutionary anchored threads with three-dimensional cones in place of traditional barbs for a stronger lift. This added strength makes it suitable for both women and men, in contrast to barbed threads which may have underperformed in Asian men with heavier skin.


The Silhouette Threadlift would be what we term “minimally invasive”. It is still surgery, but the only cuts involved are 3cm long within the hairline at the temples. This is important in today’s busy world where we are constantly evolving to achieve maximum results with minimal downtime.

The procedure is typically performed under local anaesthetic and sedation. Most of our patients emerge from the procedure without having any recollection of discomfort. The threadlift typically takes about an hour. Most of them return to work in about three days.


The Silhouette threadlift is effective for lifting heavy jowls, revealing a more defined jawline. Cheeks are lifted to restore the heart-shaped face of youth. Lifting the cheeks also addresses nasolabial folds, marionette lines and tear troughs. Necks may be lifted to vanquish the turkey wattle. With certain personal technical modifications made in the procedure, we have extended to longevity of the effect to be in excess of three years.

The results following treatment are often immediate, and they generally continue to improve over three to six months, as collagen encapsulates over the threads to further fill in the face.

Frequently, we combine the Silhouette Threadlift with other procedures to better achieve the facial harmony which no one procedure can attain. Combined with fillers for volumisation to achieve the four-dimensional (4D) lift. Combined with VASER liposculpture for better contouring of the lower face and upper neck. Combined with Endotine for a complete biplanar (superficial and deep plane) Facelift.