Sculpt Your Body Safely
VASER LIPOSUCTION IS AN ADVANCED FORM OF LIPOSUCTION that uses ultrasound as the primary means of breaking up the fat.
- This Quarterly January 2013 -

This is in contrast to traditional suction-assisted liposuction (SAL), which breaks up the fat in a patient’s body through a combination of physical force and vacuum suction; while effective, the trauma from SAL often leads to lumpy skin texture as well as prolonged recovery time due to excessive bruising, pain and swelling.

Vaser, in contrast, is only minimally invasive and preserves other body tissues – like blood vessels and nerves – in the targeted area. By destroying only the fatty tissue, the procedure gives smooth, predictable results with a significantly faster recovery time due to decreased bruising, pain and swelling. This makes Vaser an ideal procedure for patients who wish to get rid of unwanted fat around specific parts of their body such as the “spare tyre” around their abdomen, “love handles” around the waist, and a “double chin” on the face.

At the start of the procedure, the targeted area is first injected with a special numbing solution known as tumescent anaesthesia. This solution has several effects. Most importantly, it shrinks the local blood vessels to reduce the likelihood of bruising and numbs the area for patient comfort. The injected fluid also expands the volume of the treated area, making the fat cells in the region easier to remove.

Once this is done, fine probes are inserted into the skin to deliver ultrasonic energy into the fatty layer, causing the fat to shake apart and liquify. These destroyed fat cells are then removed from the body through small tubes by a combination of gentle massage and suction. The selective removal of unwanted fat sculpts the body or face to achieve ideal aesthetic contours.

As the Vaser procedure is only minimally invasive, most patients return to work within one to three days, with some even returning to work on the same day of the procedure. While it is safe to return to normal activities fairly soon after the operation, patients are usually advised to wear pressure garments for five to 14 days after the procedure. Medications to reduce swelling are routinely prescribed.

Dr Colin Tham was fortunate enough to be one of the two pioneer Singaporean plastic surgeons to be trained by Dr Alfredo Hoyos, a famous Columbian plastic surgeon, in the next evolution of Vaser liposuction. Known as HiDefinition Vaser, this procedure not only allows the operating plastic surgeon to remove unwanted fat from the body but also to sculpt a more athletic-looking body from superficial fat; well-defined biceps or a set of six-packs can thus be achieved.