Silhouette ThreadLift®

What is a Silhouette ThreadLift®?
A Silhouette ThraedLift® is a minimally-invasive facelift and/or neck-lift which uses patented US-manufactured Silhouette ThreadsTM to lift sagging skin and tissues. The goals of this procedure are to reposition facial/neck tissues thus restoring youthful proportions and appearances.

What are Silhouette ThreadsTM?
Silhouette threadsTM are US FDA-approved and CE-marked. The threads have 3-dimensional, absorbable cones which enable a strong lift and pull of facial tissues.

Why is it “Minimally-Invasive”?
The procedure involves a small 2cm incision hidden behind the hairline at the temples for the insertion of the threads. This incision is necessary for secure anchoring and stronger lifting.

Who is suitable for a Silhouette Lift®?
Any individual who is fit for minor plastic surgery and who has noticed signs of facial sagging, skin laxity or loss of sharpness may be suitable.

Which areas can be improved with a Silhouette Lift®?
The Silhouette Lift® is especially useful for the treatment of sagging cheeks, nasolabial folds (laugh lines), marionette lines, jowls and “turkey necks”.

How long is the procedure?
This cosmetic procedure usually takes about an hour. It is usually performed under local anaesthesia and light sedation.

How long is the recovery time?
Our patients usually return to work within 4-5 days.

Disclosure: Dr Colin Tham is appointed by the Silhouette Inc. Board of Directors as a Certified Silhouette Lift® Trainer.