Alarplasty / Alar Reduction / Nostrilplasty

What is an Alarplasty?
The nasal ala are the two “wings” of the nose which house the notrils. An alarplasty refers to a surgical procedure to reshape or most commonly, to reduce these “wings”.

Who would benefit from an Alarplasty?
If you feel that your nostrils are too wide / large then you may benefit aesthetically from an Alarplasty. One way to estimate is to draw a vertical line down from the inner corner of your eye. If the side of the nose extends far beyond this line then your ala are probably wide.

How is a Nostrilplasty different from an Alarplasty?
Nostrilplasty refers to a surgical procedure performed by a cosmetic surgeon to reshape the nostril, thus an alarplasty can be considered a type of nostrilplasty. Another common form of nostrilplasty is to close “open” nostrils; nostrils which appear too visible from the front.

How long does the surgery take?
Alarplasties and nostrilplasties usually take less than an hour.

What is the recovery time?
Most patients return to work within a week.