Alar Reduction / Alarplasty

Alarplasty, also commonly known as alar reduction, is a surgical cosmetic procedure aimed at reducing the size of one’s nostrils. With this specific surgical procedure, the section of the nose that extends from the rounded tips of your nostrils to the cheek, also known as the alar, is targeted and operated on. Alarplasty is specially aimed at changing the width of one’s nostrils.

In alarplasty, there is no cutting and modification of bone and cartilage. One skin and flesh are being touched and removed. Small incisions are made at the alar facial junction, where your nose connects with your cheeks. The appropriate amount of tissue is removed. Careful relocation of the junction is done towards the center of the nasal base. After that, the incision is sutured and this procedure narrows the span of the nostrils. Eventually, this type of nose surgery results in narrower and less flared nostrils.

This surgical procedure is often conducted using local anaesthesia. This surgical procedure is often quick and only takes around 20 minutes for it to be completed. Moreover, recovery time is much faster and easier compared to rhinoplasty, usually taking only about 4 days.