Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation is a form of cosmetic surgery that aims to increase the fullness one’s lips. This is usually done through the insertion or injection of various materials such as collagen, dermalogen, silicone and restylane. A recent popular material would involve fat transfer, whereby fat obtained via liposuction is injected into a patient’s lips. With these procedures, the lips would increase not only in volume and fullness, they would also increase in its definition and prominence, allowing one to have noticeable and luscious lips.

Lip Augmentation using injectable fillers are usually done using local anaesthesia. As such, pain only as small as an ant bite would be felt. The procedure is fast and would not take up to more than 10 minutes. After the procedure, the patient would feel a numbing effect in the lips due to the anaesthesia, which usually takes about an hour to wear off. Slight swelling might be present after the procedure which would subside within a few hours. Once the swelling has subsided, the patient would be able to feel a noticeable difference in his or her lips.

These procedures do not produce a permanent effect on the lips. The effect usually lasts around 2 years, depending on the care that is given to one’s lips. Patients desiring for a long term effect would have to return to the doctors on an annual basis for an additional dose of injectable fillers.

This procedure is generally very safe and there are few incidences of complications that arise from lip augmentation. However, several complications such as infection, lip asymmetry, ulcers and the development of lumps within the lips might arise. If such complications should arise, one is recommended to consult a cosmetic doctor to find out the cause and possibly a resolution to the problem.