Lateral Canthoplasty

Tired of your eyes looking small and short? Wanting to achieve sharper and more defined eyes? Wanting your eyes to look more symmetrical and aligned? You can do so with lateral canthoplasty.

With lateral canthoplasty surgery, also known as outer eyelid surgery, harmony is achieved with both eyes by balancing the amount of conjunctiva (white part of the eyes) is exposed. As such, combining together with medial epicanthoplasty, the lengthening of side-to-side length of the eyes, as well as the roundness of the eye improves, making it look more doll-like.

Despite it being an effective tool in aesthetics and comestics, lateral canthoplasty also beneficial in the medial sector. It is able to treat multiple eye conditions and it is known as a core procedure for treating lower eyelid abnormalities.

The surgical procedure for lateral canthoplasty lasts approximately 30 minutes and it is done under local anaesthesia and as such, no pain is felt. Stiches are removed a week after the procedure, reducing disruption to a person’s normal lifestyle.