Reduction Mammoplasty / Breast Reduction

Should I go for Breast Reduction?
There are many reasons patients undergo breast reduction surgery; these are the common ones:

  • Heavy breasts causing backache, brastraps cutting in or preventing exercise
  • Large breasts causing social embarrassment
  • Recurrent fungal infections and rashes underneath the breasts

Will my medical insurance cover Breast Reduction?
Most insurers will cover breast reduction surgery if it is causing functional or medical problems such as severe backache. Some insurers specify a minimum weight removed. It is always best to check with your agent beforehand.

How much volume can be reduced?
There is no maximum volume which can be removed. The desired final size is decided by the patient before the operation.

Is there visible scarring?
Unfortunately, all methods of surgical breast reduction will leave obvious scars. The method I prefer leaves a vertical scar extending below the areola. The scars do fade over time and I include laser treatment of the scars in our packages.

Is Liposuction a good option for Breast Reduction?
Liposuction is not an ideal procedure for significant breast reduction. Liposuction reduces mainly the fat component and does not remove much breast tissue which usually forms the bulk of the weight / volume. Also, removal of fat without addressing the excess skin leads to sagging, misshapen breasts. Excess skin needs to be removed to achieve proper reshaping and lifting of the breasts.

How long is the surgery?
The cosmetic surgery usually takes three to four hours and is performed as a Day Surgery by an experienced plastic surgeon.

What is the recovery time?
Most of our patients return to work within 2-4 days.