Mastopexy / Breast Lifting

Am I suitable for a Breast Lift?
If you find the level of your nipple has dropped below the height of the breast fold (where the breast meets the chest), it is sagging and would benefit aesthetically from a lift.

Are implants a good option for breast lifting?
Breast augmentation using implants are suitable in patients who have mild sagging of the breasts coupled with loss in volume, typically after breastfeeding. The addition of teardrop-shaped implants would address the loss in volume and rotate the nipple upwards, thus providing a significant, natural lift. Patients with more severe sagging would need a more formal breast lift with removal of excess skin.

How long is the surgery?
Depending on the severity of sagging, the surgery usually takes between one to three hours and will not require hospitalisation.

Is the scar visible?
Patients who are suitable for lifting with breast implants would have the least visible scarring, with scars hidden in the breast fold. For moderately sagging breasts, the scars are hidden in the areolar border. For more severe sagging, unfortunately the scars are more obvious as a vertical line below the areola.

What is the recovery time?
Most of our patients return to work within 2-4 days.