Fat Transfer

Who is suitable for Fat Transfer?
Fat injection is suitable for ladies seeking a mild to moderate increase in breast volume. It is the best option for ladies who do not want any foreign materials inserted or injected.

Who is not suitable for Fat Transfer?
Ladies who are very slim may have insufficient fat for significant breast enhancement.

Where is the fat taken from?
The fat is usually harvested from the thighs or tummy area as fat from these areas gives the best results.

How and where is the fat injected?
The fat is injected through a small (<4mm) incision below the breast using a fine cannula. It is injected in multiple layers, both superficial and deep, enhancing both volume and shape of the breast.

How much fat will be transferred?
The amount of fat injected varies according to the needs and desires of our patients. It can be as little as 50 mls for subtle shaping or as much as 300 mls for more dramatic volume and contour enhancement.

How many sessions are required?
Depending on the desired result, one to two sessions may be required.

How long is the surgery?
This surgery conducted by plastic surgeon usually takes two to four hours and will not require hospitalisation.

What is the recovery time?
Most of our patients return to work within 2-4 days.