A brand new technology to remove fat and smooth unwanted cellulite is now available at Asia HealthPartners (Aesthetics). The VASERsmooth™ solution includes a special handpiece and ultrasonic probes specifically designed to emulsify superficial fatty tissue and cut through hardened fibrous septae that can result in unwanted skin dimpling and contour irregularities, commonly referred to as cellulite.

VASERsmooth™ overview

  • VASERsmooth™ is a minimally invasive cellulite solution that works with the new VASER Lipo® System.
  • VASERsmooth™ is an accessory to the new VASER Lipo System and is intended for the fragmentation and emulsification of subcutaneous fatty and soft tissues for aesthetic body contouring.
  • The new VASERsmooth™ handpiece and probes deliver the appropriate amount of energy to the tissue to emulsify superficial fat and cut through the hardened fibrous septae that can result in the appearance of cellulite.
  • The VASERsmooth™ probes are designed to selectively break apart fatty tissue while preserving nerves and blood vessels.

The Procedure

VASERsmooth™ procedures can be performed while the patient is awake or under general anaesthesia.  First, the area to be treated is filled with a special saline solution that helps numb the site and shrink blood vessels. This solution temporarily expands the volume of the area, making the fat cells easier to target and remove. The physician then uses a series of small, thin probes to target the fat with ultrasound.  The energy breaks apart the fat while preserving surrounding tissue, resulting in less bruising and pain than traditional, more invasive cosmetic procedures. A special cutting edge on the probes then fragments the hardened connective tissue that can cause an uneven appearance to the skin, resulting in a smooth, natural-looking result. Specially designed thin suction tubes, called VentX Cannulas, are used to remove the unwanted fat from the body.

Because the VASER Liposelection and VASERsmooth™ procedures preserve the integrity of the fat when removed, it is an excellent choice for patients who want to use their own fat to further smooth out the area being treated or to volumize or contour another part of their body such as the buttocks, breasts, hands and face.

Clinical Benefits

  • Smooth, predictable results in all areas of the body
  • Improved skin retraction
  • Fast patient recovery
  • Reduced pain, bruising and swelling post-operatively

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