What are fillers effective for?
Fillers are usually employed in two ways:

  • To fill in static hollows and folds such as the tear troughs or nasolabial folds (laugh lines)
  • To enhance volume most commonly for augmentation of the cheek, nose and chin

How long do filllers last?
This depends on the type of filler used by the cosmetic doctor. The longevity usually ranges from six months to five years.

Can fillers lift the face?
Our faces lose volume as we age, most noticeably in the cheek and brow regions. This loss in volume accelerates the sagging of skin. Restoration of this volume with fillers effectively lifts and counters sagging in mild to moderate cases.

Do fillers hurt?
Not much anymore. Newer fillers have local anaesthetic pre-mixed in to numb the area as I inject. The use of blunt needles has improved comfort and more importantly, enhanced the safety and lowered the risk of bruising during filler procedures.

Is there any downtime?